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Children's outfit Designer unisex sunglasses. Abercrombie & Fitch Top Heart-shaped Locket

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We carry a full line of wholesale apparel closeouts, surplus, department stores returns, and salvage truckloads from over 100 department stores in America. Our prices are pennies on the wholesale dollar. We are the core of a network made up of wholesale clothing buyers, sellers, and wholesale contract holders. Use this form to request our codes list and more information.

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1 Wholesale Clothing carries bulk loads of clothing and apparel which contain a combination of salvage merchandise, store returns & and may contain some overstock clothing, unless otherwise noted. Most merchandise is sold by the truckloads, pallets and by bulk loads (no wholesale value, percentages or piece count given). Price and merchandise availability is subject to change without notice. Please contact us today for current inventory. Images serve only to illustrate and may not match merchandise.

1 Wholesale Clothing offers a lowest price guarantee on all its products: Call or fax us the any written proposal for department store returns by our competitors and we will beat it! Please call for details.